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ICT Hub is an industry expert in Web design and development. ICT Hub offers inexpensive and adaptable web design and development services to customers worldwide. We provide first-rate web design services and solutions for eCommerce, Mobile, and Web applications, among others. We can provide you with unique web design and development services since we have decades of expertise in web design and development.

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End-To-End Encryption

Secure all data transfers using the highly efficient end-to-end encryption.

External Storage

Create a single point of access by mounting storage like S3, Dropbox, SharePoint and more.

File Drop Folders

Collect files in public upload-only folders. It is handy for bids, homework and  feedback.

File Lifecycle

Automatically archive and then delete files that are no longer needed, ensuring data protection compliance.

File Firewall

Avoid threats by inspecting access requests for admissibility.

Full Text Search

Let users find their data and files quickly.

Public Link Sharing

Share files and folders with outside contacts, protected by passwords and expiry dates.

Office Integration

Edit office documents in the browser – with Collabora, OnlyOffice or Microsoft OOS.

Guest Users

Let select external contacts login to access select files and folders, speeding up coordination.

Virtual File System

Let users sync virtual files, saving on storage and bandwidth.

Web App

Let users work in any common browser, reducing platform dependency even further.

Windows Network Drive Integration

Integrate your file server (WND, SMB or Samba) into ownCloud without a VPN.

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